Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Bottle Battle

Yes, we've been giving our baby a bottle.  Still.   Jackson will be two in 5 weeks.  Odd.  I know I just birthed that baby boy just a few weeks ago...crazy.

Anyhoo.  A little history.  I breast-fed Jackson until April of this year.  Leaving him with my parents for two weeks was a great way to kick-off the weaning. Instead of going cold turkey, we substituted a bottle.  He liked it, and we loved it.  Nap time and bedtime were smooth.  No problem here.

I've been thinking that it was time to be done with the whole mess, but when it is easy for the parents, why? Especially at 12 or 1 am....

In the last couple of weeks, Jackson has taken to biting/chewing on the nipples of the three bottles we have creating tears in the nipples, and hence making a mess in my bed in the middle of the night from leaking bottles.  Gross.

Four nights ago, I decided I'd had enough.

I showed him where they were "broken", and then we threw them away.  He totally understood the process.  "baba bwoken?" (ten times) "fro way?" (ten times).  And then? "Mama fix it?" Um, no, Mama cannot fix it.

The first night was good. Fussed a little bit, went right to sleep. In the middle of the night? "baba bwoken?" yup. no problem.  I thought: "We have got this thing in the BAG!".  yeah....
Second night? screaming and gnashing of teeth. Bedtime and middle of the night.
Third night? Screaming and gnashing of teeth. Bedtime and middle of the night.
Last night? a little better.  Cried at bedtime, a little crying in the night. 
When he realized I was not going to give him a bottle, He said: "dinner time?"  too cute.

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