Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday Nights

I am a FIRM believer that Sunday is a day of rest.  A regular Sunday usually goes like this:  Church.  Pastor Kurt had a great message today, I'll be thinking about it for awhile. Lunch with friends either at home or out.  (out is my preference)  REALLY good Sunday?  Nap, then dinner. And I flat out refuse to cook on Sunday nights, so it's usually left overs or popcorn.

On Sunday nights after Ryan heads off to work, my mind goes crazy.  Tonight is no exception.  Do you ever have weeks where it seems your whole life is in turmoil?  That's me, and it has lasted more than a few weeks. All summer pretty much.  Every decision it seems is dependent on another, and I have no idea when or what thing is going to happen first to put the rest in motion.  I feel like a giant domino design waiting to be pushed.

My work schedule is back to 20 hours a week, and I am excited to have more time for my extra-curricular activities.  Since I am working less, I have to be more creative with child care, in turn that makes scheduling my work hours tricky.  Along with the carpool schedule, whether or not Isabelle goes to preschool... blah, blah, blah.

Not only has my head been full of stuff, we have been busy!  Ryan and I went to the movies with friends, We saw "Grown Ups".  I laughed.  a lot.  Then we had Ice Cream at Cold Stone Creamery and enjoyed a pleasant evening chatting outside.  My Bunco girls and I had a yard sale, fun time hanging out and getting rid of stuff.  Elizabeth spent more money than I made, but now has some cute things in her closet.  We had a FABULOUS time with friends in their backyard surrounded by corn.  Relaxing with those girls really soothes my soul.  The wine helps too.  Ryan and I have surveyed the lawn and are thinking we should start the landscaping project. The laundry is done, but not all folded, the house is picked up, but by no means clean.  The school uniforms are stacked on the dining room table and I am on the hunt for our school supply list so we can go shopping this week.  I also started a grocery list so I can get some food in this house.  I have not got "real" groceries since June.... and thus begins my week.  What are YOU doing?

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Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

It made my weekend WONDERFUL to see you so often!! Thanks for your blog. You are awesome and you sooth my soul as well!! Beth

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I have five loads of clean laundry piled on the living room floor - with no plans to fold it tonight! :-)