Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back-to-School Shopping

Before I tell you this conversation, you should know that I absolutely hate it when I hear other mothers yell at their children in public.  It always makes me wonder how they talk to them in private.  And the few times I've witnessed spanking in public? yeah.  THAT makes me wonder even more.

I decided that tonight was the night we were going to get all of our school supplies and needed clothing items.  Not being to much on the list, I thought for sure we could get it done after work today.  Not so much.  At ten pm, after we had closed down the Target store, this is the conversation we had on the way to the car:

William:  "Are we going anywhere else?"  "I didn't get any shoes."  "Where are we going now?"

Me: "No, we are not going anywhere else."  "We are going home."

William:  (whining) "But why?"  "I didn't get any shoes." "I don't want to go home."

Me: (normal tone) "Because Elizabeth is tired, Isabelle is cranky, and you are not listening."

Isabelle:  "And Mom is yelling...Like - SOLID."

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