Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Weekend Review

I'll start with Wednesday because that is when the fun REALLY began.

Wednesday morning after the alarm went off, but before I got up, Jackson threw up his entire milk bottle. On me, him, the sheets.  In to the shower we went.  After he threw up two more times, I decided it was NOT a fluke thing, and worked from home.  You may think it a bit irresponsible of me to leave him with a babysitter on Wednesday night and take the other kids school shopping, but, the young man acted fine the entire day.  Maybe it was something he ate?  No fever, no nap, played like a champ.
Thursday, off to work I went.  At about 4 pm, the babysitter called.  Isabelle just threw up EVERYWHERE. No big deal right?  I should have expected this right?  I can hear my mom now... "honey, what were you thinking?"   What I was expecting, was my friend with her four children arriving at any minute for a couple of days.  When my friend R. arrived, Isabelle was sleeping soundly on my bed.  Completely frustrated at the situation, I apologized, and said: "hopefully no one else gets it".  Thursday night, Ryan and I both got it.
Friday, we were off to the zoo.  Never mind the heat and humidity, we had a fabulous time.  Highlight of the day?  No one got sick...
Saturday, after filing our eight children into a local resturant for lunch, the waitress asked:  "So... what group do we have here?"  to which I replied:  "Uh... these are our children."  And by the look on her face, you could tell what she was thinking- "These women smoke crack".

A few photos from the weekend: 

Feeding the penguins

A train ride

 A mama peacock and her babies

The kids (all 40 of them)
checking out the zebras & wildebeest

I just got a note from R.- They are laying low today... feeling a bit under the weather.
I guess, the moral of this story is: If you are coming to visit us, call first and inquire about our health... 

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ladypoulin said... Best Blogger Tips

I really didn't mind, we needed a day to rest after all the heat for like a month. It was nice to see YOU and ALL 20 of your kids!!