Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

Saturday after two soccer games, we threw some clothes into a black trash bag, (really. that was the only bag we could find) loaded up the kids and headed to Michigan to celebrate my Father - in - law's 60th Birthday. Three and a half hours later found us in our secret parking space, the beach! After we surprised Grandpa, we headed back to the beach to get our car and let the kids "touch" the water....

Except for Jack, he pulled his legs up when Ryan put him down.

Ryan, Jack and Grandpa.

Lucy, Grandpa, Grandma and Bea.
This morning after pancakes and coffee, we headed to Grandpa's wine store to check out the new addition.

The day was so beautiful, we promised the kids we could go back to the beach.

I neglected to toss in the suits when I was "packing the bag".

"Sunbathing" after their swim.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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Kimberly and Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Wine? Vino? Nectar of the Gods???? You will be bringing some by won't you???


p.s....on your highs and low, back in your carefree youth did you every think a high for the day could be a trip to lowes???? Alas, I can relate, the idea of a trip there makes me giddy!!!

Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

So much wine... I'm envious.