Monday, December 1, 2008

New Babies

I have a busy weekend and fun photos to share with you today, but look what happened!
Elle's goat had babies. Today. Three of them.
And new babies TRUMP weekend news.

Too cute.

Until he starts eating my garden and pooping everywhere....

As I was snapping photos, I couldn't help but be a bit jealous. I have 13-18 days left, and I am READY. Check out the momma goats tummy in the first photo~ I doubt I'll be concave after delivery....but one could hope.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

those are super cute!!! but I want to see pics of the weekend!!

Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, that would be nice. I was one of those mom's who wore their maternity pants for months after giving birth. (Mostly to fit over my giant mom-butt that took 9 months to go back down.) Lucky goat!