Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Long Holiday Weekend...

Here is a recap of our weekend...

Wednesday evening we went to dinner with our group of friends to celebrate November birthdays, three of them, including Ryan's. A perfect way to kick off a Holiday weekend. Good friends, Great food. We also checked out the new establishment in town, "The Brewhouse". It's more of a bar than a brewhouse. We did not stay long, can you imagine the looks that an overly pregnant woman gets in a bar??

Thursday we headed to Ohio to spend the weekend with my family. We had a great dinner Thursday evening with the family that had arrived, and my grandparents. Good job on the turkey Rueben!

Friday was our bi-annual "Angle Family Fun Day" We spent the day in Cincinnati at the Creation Museum . It was very interesting, but more fun to spend time with my brothers, their wives, and my FABULOUS nieces and nephews.

This is Bea, and her cousin Lena. Bea is 10 months older. She thinks Lena is a baby that she needs to take care of. They were "helping" make dinner.

Lena likes belly buttons. Even mine. But I'm not showing you.

Bea again, with her other cousin Lydia. They are only 4 months apart. It is fun to have cousins the same age.

Saturday was the Angle Family Christmas. We are 63 strong.

This photo is only missing 2, we love you Brook & Uncle Jim!
The pinata is a big attraction for the kids...ok. The adults too. Grandma had 17 pounds of candy in this clown head!

Elle having her turn .....

Will was the final contestant...smashing all the candy out.

This is the mass chaos that ensues. Do you see any kids??

The title for this photo is SHAMELESS. Because if I had shame, I would not have posted it. But look how cute Uncle Reyn is! Not only are their 63 current members of our family, by the end of March, there will be 5 more! Left to Right:
Mindy (sister-in-law) due 6 weeks.
Me. due 2 weeks.
Mindy (cousin) due 5 weeks.
Amy (cousin) due 13 weeks.
Annie (cousin and sister to Amy) due 20 weeks.
Uncle Reyn. Well. we have lots of expectations....and he's yet to deliver.
Sunday after a big breakfast with the family, we headed home. Love to get away. Love our family. Love to get home....
Thanks to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Sherry for a FABULOUS Saturday, Lee and Josie for the comfy bed and DELICIOUS cinnamon rolls. ( you are making that boy a FABULOUS wife!) And to Rueben...we love you.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

i want more pictures....

Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

I love family gatherings

J.a.a. said... Best Blogger Tips

It was a fun weekend! Needless to say we very exhausted on Sunday - I think we slept majority of the day! :D Come see us again soon-can't wait to see the newest Angluim! :D