Monday, February 20, 2012


I love Valentines Day.


It's what the day is about right??

Elizabeth made heart-shaped chocolate suckers for her classmates, and took fruit and dip for her Valentine party.

William and I made heart shaped crayons for his friends- a great idea I found on Pinterest. Super easy, and used up all those broken crayons the kids don't like to use.

I think they turned out fabulous!

Isabelle picked out "airhead" candies for her party.  She was delighted that Mommy AND Jackson came to her party.

The week before Valentines Day, I found this amongst William's school papers:

I didn't give it much thought, until he started talking about "My Valentine".


The Friday before Valentines we were in Walmart. Yes, all five of us. Walmarts were designed for the easily distracted I'm sure. That is how they make all their money.

William got sucked right into the commercialism of the day and decided he needed to get his "Valentine" a gift. Nothing says "love" like a pink teddy bear with multi-colored heart shaped spots. ( is what I was thinking). How could I let him out of the store with that you may ask... his other obsession was a 5' tall teddy bear.

After nagging us all weekend, it finally worked out for me to take him to her house Sunday afternoon. On the way there he was lamenting on how he should have gotten her a "heart shaped box of chocolates". I guess his Dad has taught him well.

I would give almost anything to know what she thought about the gift...

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