Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Parties Are Over...

and we were back to school and work today.

The alarm at 6am was not a welcome sound this morning. Early bedtime last night and tonight? Yes, please!

We had a great new years weekend- Saturday evening we spent with our neighborhood/church friends- dinner a few games and we were home tucked into bed by 10 pm!

Sunday- New Years Day- we had a few friends over after church.  Finger food and a glass of wine with friends- the best way to usher in the new year!

The new year makes me anxious to start a new to-do list. and do it! My pinterest boards are full of great ideas, and there are so many decorating-ish things I would like to get done in the house.

I do have a few resolutions:

1. Lower my expectations. (It'll help with the rest of the resolutions!)

2. Exercise regularly. (I have a long-term goal, membership to the aquatic/fitness center and a running coach...)

3. Learn how to make things with wood. (I have an extensive list for this one!)

4. Be prompt! (I'm going to try folks, I really am!)

5. Get Jackson to sleep in his bed. (I know, I know.)

6. Be more patient and understanding.  (I may need drugs for this one...)

I'm sure throughout the year the list will grow- but it's a start!

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Great resolutions! The "Lower my expectations" made me laugh. I may have to borrow that one - things would sure be easier!