Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Long Over-due Weekend Away

The weekend before my computer took her little vacation, Ryan and I headed to our favorite weekend get-away spot- New Buffalo, Michigan.

"Our" bed and breakfast- the Duneland Beach Inn- had undergone some major remodeling since we had been there last.  We had fun checking out the new improvements (glass shower and breakfast nook) and enjoying our old favorites (bar and restaurant).
We arrived Friday night, and after a quick dip in the hot tub, we crashed.

Saturday we were up early, and headed into town for a big relaxing breakfast. Belgian waffles are my favorite. After a nap we enjoyed a massage, lunch, and another nap!

I really wanted to catch the sunset on Lake Michigan-

We were a bit late...

but we got to see Chicago instead! Of all the times we've been there, we've never been able to see the city.

I was so excited I got a "close up"!

We had a wonderful dinner at the Bed & Breakfast Saturday night- horseradish mashed potatoes? Yes please!

After sleeping in Sunday morning (over 12 hours of un-interrupted sleep!) We took a long walk along the lake, and the slow way home!

A fabulous weekend of nothing but relaxing- oh, how we needed that!

A very special "Thank YOU!" to Zach and Amber for making sure the kids didn't burn down the house!

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ladypoulin said... Best Blogger Tips

I remember when we went there with you guys many years ago! It is a neat little get away!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

A drink at The Stray Dog? That's our favorite!