Friday, September 3, 2010


Drove the carpool.  Had to get after someone else's kids for hitting each other.  Glad to know it's not only mine that do that stuff.

Showered with a fully clothed Jackson.

Took Isabelle to school.

Changed Jackson out of the clothes he smeared A&D ointment all over.

Scheduled an appointment to have the most expensive item I've ever put in/on my body removed.  The crown-covered root-canal tooth gone bad.  Only 4 phone calls to get that underway.

Went outside to find Jackson.

I faxed Isabelle's medical form to our Doctor. On hold with a defunct answering service for 15 minutes.

Cleaned up the entire bottle of olive oil Jackson dumped on the counter.

Picked up Isabelle

Took Jackson and Isabelle shopping.
I had 2 hours to make two returns (different stores of course), cash in my "free panty" coupon at Victoria's Secret, and gather supplies from Michael's and Hobby Lobby for the kids classroom projects.  Cocktails anyone?  The cashier at Hobby Lobby sure wanted one when we left...

Taught a group the benefits of eating whole grains.

Ice cream social/school open house

Ball & Auction Meeting.

William's homework.  And yes, I did it.  mostly.

Had a good chat with Texas on Facebook.

Looking forward to a long weekend? ABSOLUTELY.  I only have one thing scheduled for each day.  Besides you know, laundry, cleaning, making food, and keeping Jackson out of trouble.

I'm gonna miss this.... 

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only thing me back like you promised! grrrr