Monday, September 6, 2010


My Camera is officially broken.  Something rattles.

My Phone is randomly taking photos.  Probably due to the Pepsi bath it had a little while ago.

Someone just called and asked: "Who is this?"   Uh, you called me.  He had a missed call from our number.  Why would you do that?  If you don't recognize the number, and they do not leave a message.....

I over-baked the last tray of cookies.

Something is eating my tomatoes.

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Beths said... Best Blogger Tips

1. reason to go shopping!! How is that bad...
2.more photos for your blog - yea for us! (even if they are of the inside of your purse)
3.It could be someone who is lonely in which case you were their ONLY human contact and you did your good deed for the day!!
4. Bummer on the cookies, don't have a way to turn that into a good thing....they were cookies - HEY! - at least you had the other couple of trays - we had NO fresh baked cookies here!!
5. 7 dust - love to watch the bugs who are eating the veggies writhe in pain when covered in 7 dust! (esp. the big ugly, gross, slimy, nighmare inducing tomato worms!)
Just here to help bring a little more sunshine into your life!!