Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Week.

Has been busy – I don't remember being busy like this as a kid, but then, our kids would like to do a lot more than we do do. Hmm.

Elizabeth had her "non-walking" projects judged Tuesday and Wednesday. Two long, hot days outside. I cannot remember the last time I sweated. (or is it "sweat"?). In any case, out of four projects, she received a blue star, two blue and one red ribbon. The blue star means she is in the running for the state fair entry in that category, which happened to be sewing. She made a pillow and it turned out really well. The red ribbon is because her mother did not read the rules correctly, and told her to put the recipe for her frozen blueberries on a 3x5 index card instead of a 5x8 index card. A learning moment for both of us.

Elizabeth has been walking her 4-H cows. This is her "Feeder Beef". Ryan says she is doing a good job, and the cow is doing well too.

Ladies in waiting. Waiting for their turn to be walked.

Last week, Elizabeth and William went to camp. I think they would live there if I let them.
And you would think that our lives would be a little slower down two kids, but not really.  They are entertainment for each other.  Especially with the little ones.  They still love their older siblings!

Elizabeth and her "roomies". They were sure they hit the room jackpot. Just her four friends and a counselor in one room!

 William opted to go to the longer camp with his sister (much to her dismay) instead of the shorter camp with his best buddy.  It didn't take long for him to make friends.

Camp theme was "Be Joyful!" I'm sure both of them will live in these shirts this summer.

This is the "Free family dinner" when you pick up your kids from camp. Hot dogs. T. and I always think it's a little hokey, but the kids like to stay, so we choke down a hot dog with some stale chips, wash it down with the sugar water colored green. It's not kool-aid. Trust me.

What have you been doing?

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