Friday, July 16, 2010

Head, Heart, Hands, Health

This week has been all about the 4-H fair.  And Elizabeth.  This is her second year showing livestock, and we all are a little more comfortable with the process.  She took three animals: a dairy feeder calf, and two dairy cows.  One that she took last year, and a younger one.  Both the beef and dairy shows were on Tuesday.  Made for a long day, but we got it over in one shot!  Ryan's parents came to enjoy? the festivities, and help us out.  I realized on Tuesday morning after taking ONE photo, that my camera batteries were dead.  All these photos came from Lonna's camera.  Thank You!

Pinning her exhibitor number on.
Took Ryan and I some time trying to figure out how to put on that belt buckle.
(COWBOY? COWBOY? anyone see a cowboy? we need help with our buckle...)
She won the buckle last year in beef showmanship.

My nephew Logan in the back.
Wesley and Logan, my nephews are here for the week!

Showing in her beef class.  She did really well.
The calf was the heaviest there, but did not place well.

Here she is, eight hours later, at the dairy show with her heifer.
We all were tired, but pulled through!

Dairy Showmanship.  Junior Division WINNER!!
(and another buckle...)

The Judge, Supreme showman, Junior showman and Senior Showman.
The other two showman are siblings!

And this is how William and Jackson entertained themselves during Elizabeth's classes.
Of course, only between: "Can I have a snow cone?", "Can I have an elephant ear?"


Shmoozing with the Queens.

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Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

I am not at all surprised to see Isabelle shmoozing... Congratulations to Elizabeth!

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I never actually knew what the 4 H's were. Yay Elizabeth!