Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fair Fun

I think I mentioned that my nephews were here all last week?  My original thought of having them here over fair week was
maybe not such a good idea.  It turns out that when you are at the fair the majority of everyday, it's only fun if you know people there.  Which we were, and they didn't.  That being said, they were WONDERFUL.  Very polite, understanding and HELPFUL.  I was so proud of them. I'll say it again.  They were Amazing.  Our fair was over on Friday night, and Ryan thought it would be fun to take them to the truck pull at a neighboring county fair.  Wesley and Logan (my nephews) had been several times, but our children never had.  Ryan and I knew that William would love it, and boy did he!!

One of the few times he wasn't talking.


The whole gang - except Jackson? Where is Jackson?
It's been interesting keeping track of 6 kids!

Here he is! Eating popcorn.  He was not a big fan of the noise.
Flames? yes. Smoke? yes. Loud noise? not so much.

I loved this one of Wes.

About half way through, William said to me: "Hey Mom"
"Yes?"  "When they take off, I scream as loud as I can, and I STILL cannot hear it!"
How much fun is THAT??

On a side note: You would think that after eating fair food all week we would have been tired of it.  But we weren't.  This fair had better food wagons.  Healthy options to boot.  Whole wheat pretzels, fruit smoothies, strawberry shortcakes and deep fried vegetables!

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Kimberly and Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

That you included deep fried vegetables on your list of healthy foods is the reason I love you (that and your killer shoe collection that you let me borrow from!)