Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Norte Dame

Before my dear friend Sarah starts her chemo, we decided to spend a day with her. Doing what she loves. She loves Norte Dame. It is a really beautiful campus, and we all had a very nice time checking out all the hot spots, and notable sights. I am sure you will recognize them.The Grotto

The Dome

Inside the Cathedral
The kids had a really great time running around, and checking out all the buildings. I am a good mother, and used every opportunity to mention that if they did really well in school they could go to college there...of course, IF they apply there, and IF they get accepted, and IF that is where they want to go, they will also have to get the Lilly scholarship...or we will have to eat macaroni & cheese in the homeless shelter for the rest of our lives... Seriously, we are saving for their college...with much lower expectations.

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