Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun Times at the 4-H Fair

Last week was the County Fair. And, yes it fulfilled all of the cliches that come to mind when you think of any county teeth, people with to much places that they shouldn't have any hair.. exposed body parts, and the list goes on...but hey. We are a family of 4-Her's, and since I work for the University that SPONSORS the fair, we were there, and willing participants.

This was Elle's project. "Ava". She was to take care of her for a week, feed, exercise, etc., and then make a poster with photos of her project and things that you get from your project.

Here she is. At the fair, with her finished poster. Yes, there was much argument over paper color, picture placement, photo cropping...I'll tell you, it's a fine line between positive direction and just doing it yourself. But, alas, it is her project, and I REFUSE to be one of those parents, so i bit my tongue (it did bleed) and moved on.
This is one of the photos that she took. Because I was a GOOD Mother, and let her take all of her OWN photos. I was also a GOOD Mother, and told her that she was ABSOLUTELY NOT putting this one on the poster. It was a part of that "positive direction."
They LOVE the carnival. This was at 10pm, when they had gotten their fill of fair food, and they had rode enough rides that they no longer held any excitement...especially for Will-
Yup. That's him. Hiding behind the pole. And me being the GOOD Mother, saying, "come on, just one picture, please smile for me..." because we all know that when he gets bigger, he's gonna look back and say, "my mom was the BEST mom, she took us to the fair EVERY year, let us eat nasty fair food until we wanted to PUKE, ride rides until we couldn't FOCUS on anything, and took PICTURES so that we would remember..."
Yup. that's me. fulfilling all of their childhood dreams.
It's my job.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I thought you told me that you hated the name Will and no one was ever to call your son confused! :)