Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Our family loves blueberries. And we are very lucky to have a pickin' patch 7 minutes from our house. Unfortunately, everyone else in a 50 mile radius thinks they are lucky too. Because I am guilt ridden with all the domestic things I should be doing, I packed up the kids and went. We had to wait. Because the patch was FULL. After about 10 minutes, ( we cleaned the car) we were directed to 5 little bushes. And I have to say, we picked for about an hour on those little bushes, and got almost 10 pounds!

Pretty little things huh?

This is what I made...FRESH blueberry Pie..mmmmhh

A Low fat dairy product makes EVERYTHING better...

Now, since EVERYONE loves this little pickin' patch, they are only open 1 day a week, and if you are not there by 7:30am, you are OUT OF LUCK. I don't usually feel very domestic at 7am.. so, I really need to enjoy the last piece of pie in the fridge.... Oh, and the cutest thing, Bea calls them "bwubewys". At the patch she of course was eating them, and after the first one, she says: "mmmhh. Mommy, dees are nummy"

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I want some blueberries!