Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend in the Ozarks

We loaded up the mini-van with the kids, snacks, movies and bug spray last Wednesday and headed to my parents in the Ozark Mountains ... here are few of the highlights.

Everyone helped with the mulch...

We killed a snake. Before it could kill us....

Target practice. Yes, we had a very serious talk on gun safety before AND after.

Does it look like Papa likes to give the rides as much as they like to get them??

The tire swing was a real hit with everyone except Mommy, who's arms are not strong enough to give all the turns they wanted, or the brain power to solve all the argument on who's turn it really was, or the ears deaf enough to ignore all the crying that ensued...

Some pics of our property...the loggers are there now, getting about half of it logged for pasture. The back half is still going to be fairly dense woods so that we can mushroom hunt, hike, look for snakes....

Bea drinking the river water from a little shell. Everything is a tea party.

Jumping off the bluff, Elle loved it, Bea wanted to be caught, and Will, well, he's a bit like his Mother, "I slide in".

We all had a wonderful time in the Buffalo River until we saw the water moccasin, and yeah, pretty much done with it then.
But we were good parents and went ahead and let the kids swim after the snake sighting.

Getting measured on "The Post".

A Ferry Ride!

After a flat tire, a long trip to Wal-Mart, a stomach-renching ride, we made it to Uncle Cowboy's house, and my BEAUTIFUL niece! She does not know it yet, but I am her favorite Auntie. She doesn't really have a choice...

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