Monday, June 2, 2008

"He NEEDS me"

My baby boy has graduated. From Kindergarten. I cried anyway. You know, I told his teacher on his first day, "I'm worried. He NEEDS me." She laughed. She's the mother of girls. She has no idea. But really. I've talked with my friends who have sons. They all agree. They love their daughters, but those boys...they NEED us. And really, when it comes down to it, don't we all just want someone to NEED us? Now, to clarify, it is much different when those "Big" boys "need" us to make them dinner, do their laundry, renew their Sports Illustrated subscriptions. Somehow when our little boys "NEED" us to snuggle with them, "NEED" us to tell them they did a good job on the soccer field, "NEED" us to tell them what those little round things are "down there". I pray to God, that he always comes to me for the things he needs. And to please God, don't let him tell anyone what those little round things are for.

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Kimberly & Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Why Sarah....I am sniffing back the almost sounds as if the "Shark" is a softie???? Could that be true? I believe we maybe rubbing off on you my dear! FabulouS!

Fins up!