Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"I DO"

We attended Cousin Lee's Wedding over the weekend. Elizabeth was very excited to participate in the festivities.

Although, this photo was taken AFTER she fell off of the skateboard and no longer wanted to go to the wedding at all. It was also taken after the ceremony, and Lee was fairly certain he didn't want to be there either.

You know me, the basis of a good wedding is,

A: someone hesitates when saying the vows. ( a little drama always spices up the occasion) There was no hesitating with the vows....

B: Good food and plenty of it. I could have stood a little more variety, and definitely MORE.

1. and if the cake is bad, the whole day is wasted. Fortunately, the cake was excellent, even the chocolate, and the espresso ice cream....deeelish! WHEW! Once again, the cake saved the day!

Ok, more important things.....

Look how HANDSOME! I am a bit biased...but hey. I think I even got a wee bit choked up when the gentlemen walked in...I was so proud. I choked up a bit more when the groom looked at his Father and grinned so big... and I am sure there was a big tear rolling down my face when the groom hugged his Dad after the ceremony and cried. awww. I love it when men cry from happiness. And I love that our Lee has just grown into such a wonderful young man. Aren't they so HANDSOME!

Oh, and look at these little urchins I ran into...... cute huh!

So, Congratulations to Lee and Josi, who I am sure are having a blast on that tropical island...

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

those are some good looking little urchins! And those gentlemen in the suits are pretty hot! I need more pictures!