Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Me. Today.

I hate to say my life is busy because I know everyone's life is busy.

But man. I'm ready for a change up. One of the things I like about blogging getting all the junk out of my head.

  • I usually average 25 appointments a month for work- November and December are typically slow- my February, March and April already have 40+ appointments on the books. blech. It wouldn't be all bad except for all the paperwork that comes with it.

  • Elizabeth has her last basketball game/s this week. *phew*. Just in time for track. Practice starts in two weeks. ~insert eye roll~

  • Marieke signed me up for 'instagram' to say I love it would be a total understatement. You can follow me at: sarahanguilm.

  • We had Steelhead for dinner tonight. Talapia last Thursday. Besides fish sticks (and I really don't think they count) it's the only two times I've made fish. The kids loved it, Ryan and Logan have had steak both nights.

  • Logan introduced me to a very addicting game: "What's The Word" or "4 pictures, 1 word". ugh. drives me crazy.

  • My face has been so dry with this crappy winter weather. I totally lubed up with Mary Kay's extra-emolleint night cream. I feel like a grease ball and my face itches. Any one else ready for summer?

  • I started the laundry on Friday night. It's still not done on Tuesday night.

  • Saturday, my friend Carol and I took our girls shopping. Five teenagers and Isabelle. Nine hours and a bubble bath later, I was wondering when my shopping stamina took a sharp dive.

  • Ruby had nine puppies on February 1st. Yes, NINE. again.  They are so darn cute, and have grown so fast. I seriously think you could watch them grow.

  • Ryan is recovering from his surgery very well. Thursday it will be one month- and we all will be happy that he can get back to his regular activities.

  • I made my nieces dresses. Sewing for me is like reading. When I get started I don't want to stop. The trip to Joann Fabrics on Saturday didn't help. Probably why the laundry isn't done.

  • Ryan and I went to dinner and a movie on Friday night. While we were eating dinner, a cute little girl came up to us carrying a box. She asked if we would like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies. Having a live-in Girl Scout of my own, I politley declined. Does that strike anyone else as innappropriate?

  • I made the kids clean up their toys in the basement on Sunday. It looks fabulous. They have Thursday and Friday off of school this week. I sure hope they are ready to play down there because I need to clean up my stuff now.

  • Marieke's best friend Janneke is coming in from Holland on Saturday. She'll be staying for a week. We are excited to have a peek into her other life. The day after she leaves, Marieke is going to California for week to see "my inner circle, my number one" (according to Marieke) I am so insainley jealous.

  • Friday night at the movies, I loved all of the previews for up-coming movies. Any one ready for summer? oh, I said that already.

I'm good for tonight. Thanks for listening.

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