Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Low down

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, life is busy.  I feel silly even saying as much- isn't everyone busy? If everyone is busy, then isn't that just life?  Ugh. 

One of the things I've found out about myself in the last 36 years, when my mind is overcrowded it helps to get it out.  Usually in list form!

A summary of the last three weeks in list form.  Kind of. Not in chronological order.

I took 5 kids back to school shopping.  Jackson's attention span was over about 4 hours in, and my patients left just about 30 minutes after that. With a good hour to go.  By the time we left Target, I'm sure several employees had DCS on the line.

The kids went back to school!  YAY!  I now have to get up early.  BOO.

In all honesty, I could have them around a little longer.  Our summer went by way to fast.  I've vowed to better planning next year.

The crazy busy life we had in June, July and August? The very same life that neglected the laundry, forgot house cleaning and fed it's family hot dogs and pizza.  Yeah.  That caught up with me.  Which led to this:

I had a mini meltdown of sorts. Which led to this:

HUGE disagreement with my husband.  HUGE.

I found that when I have a cup of coffee at two in the afternoon, it will keep me up until 3am.  I was very productive until three, but up all the same.

When I stay up until 3am, I crash at 4pm for at least an hour.  Taking a nap that late in the day keeps me up until 2am.  It's a vicious cycle folks.

All that staying up late being productive organized me a wee bit, and brought to my attention that I was supposed to be planning the biggest  fundraiser our school has. I'm a little behind the 8 ball on that one.

Since I realized I was a little behind in my planning, I've been going a hundred miles an hour since trying to get everything together.  Thank God for pinterest.

If Elizabeth's goat eats my plants ONE MORE TIME, I will load it in the trailer and take it to the sale barn myself.

I froze about fifty quarts of sweet corn.  So happy to have that in the freezer.  Now to get some green beans and tomatoes...

I've done a lot of yard sale and thrift store shopping this summer.  I cannot wait to show you all my great finds.

I'm so ready to decorate this house, I've been spending all my "free time" looking at design blogs and pinterest.  I've been collecting things and I am excited to get some of them together.  I'll show you that too!

I also realized about the first of August I did not have a sitter for Jackson this fall.  My friend Rita stepped up and said she could help me out this winter.  Thank Heavens for Facebook.

Ryan and I had a really, really good time at the Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger concert.  We have another date night planned for tomorrow night too.

Elizabeth started fall soccer.  At least three practices a week.  William and Isabelle will start after Labor Day.  Our color coded family calendar is really coming in handy.  I'm not so sure it has enough room though.

Our long time babysitter, Jaima is getting married in November.  She asked all four of the kids to be in her wedding.  They all are so, so excited.  I'm sad that she's moving to Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, while removing the lead rope (noose) from the basement rafters, I fell. It totally shook me up.  Made me sick to my stomach and all shaky.  No real injuries.  Seriously bruised my butt though.

I'm going to be an Aunt again September 12th! And again the end of January.  One of my favorite cousins is also having a baby the end of December.  And another one of my favorite cousins just got engaged!  Yes, I do have 20 favorite cousins.

hmm.  I think that's all.

I have to go work on fundraiser stuff anyway.

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