Monday, May 17, 2010

Company's Coming!

This coming weekend, Friday through Tuesday, we are having house guest.  Mostly family, but guest all the same.

Not only have I asked the guest to bring food, and took extra days off work,  I asked my mom to come help me clean.  

I know.  After 15+ years of keeping house, I still needed my mom to come help with this project.  "Help" is perhaps the wrong word to use.  It implies that I did most of the work, and she was here to support me.  In reality, she did 99% of the work while I yelled at the kids.

Not only did she drive half the night Friday to get here, work HARD all day Saturday and Sunday, she took Jackson home with her.

I am really feeling like a slacker.

I would really like to go sit at my sewing machine, or organize my scrapbooking supplies in my freshly cleaned basement, but Mom made me make a list, and I'll feel really bad if it does not get done by the weekend.  I guess I'll go fold towels.

Happy Monday....

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

That sounds like your mom!! Give her a hug from me! (You realize, of course, your girls are going to expect the same from you someday.) :-)