Monday, June 29, 2009

We've Had a Busy Week...


We have been going, going, going.

I washed up brand new sheets and hung them out in the fresh summer breeze. Jack likes to sleep in them.

Aren't his chubby little arms so cute?

In keeping up with the house, laundry, feeding this family, I started working every day. I got a haircut. FINALLY. It's been 5 months. We've been swimming, to a wedding, the drive-in, church, lunch with the clan. And Jack. He's getting so big. He has two "meals" a day now, cereal, fruit and vegetables. He likes them all!

He loves to sit in the grass and pick. I think he likes the way it tickles his feet.
And I had a birthday. I feel the same at 34 as I did at 33. Very tired, but very, very blessed.

This is the cake Elle and the sitters made for me!

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you stayed far away from that cake! I hear hippos can jump 30 feet!!!