Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I know what ya'll are thinking. she said she was back. HA! I haven't seen any blog post in the last week and when is she going to draw a winner for those fabulous watches anyway?
Oh, the wise words of my friend Maryhelen: "September is the new December".
Soccer practice started for Elizabeth mid-August, and her last game is tomorrow night. She has had 1-3 games a week since the beginning of September, and practice every other weeknight. *phew*

She has consistently played a defender this season.

Judging from these pictures, it may look like she doesn't do much out there.

But really, if the rest of the team is doing their jobs, she's pretty much a cheer leader. Or on-field coach if you hear the things she shouts at her fellow players. And hey, if Elizabeth was doing her job we wouldn't need a goalie either, and she's out there every game doing a fabulous job.

I think Elizabeth would like to see a little more action, and some games she's pretty busy. We love to watch her play and we are very pleased with her work ethic and sportsmanship on the field. But, I'll be honest. Her schedule just sucks the life right outta me.

And then we have Williams schedule....

Lucky number 86. Lucky because he hasn't got hurt yet.

His practices started mid-September, twice a week. Not at the same place or same time as Elizabeth's of course.

He has a game EVERY SINGLE Sunday afternoon.

Yup. right in the middle of my nap.

And last week it ruined my Friday night when we had to watch him be introduced at the high school game half time show. In the rain.

I have no idea who thought letting him play this sport was a good idea, but I think we'll be having a strongly-worded conversation about it next year.

Honestly, he loves it.
Honestly, I have no idea how he's doing or what position he plays.
Shoot I have no idea how the game works at all. I go, I sit, I cheer when the other parents are cheering. I tell him he looks cute in his uniform.
I buy the popcorn.

I'll not bore you with how crazy hectic it is to get home from work, pack up the car, kids, toys, drinks, snacks to get to these events, but Jackson and Isabelle are always very excited to know the nights we get to stay home!

What have you been doing?

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Beths said... Best Blogger Tips

work, feed the kids, work, feed the kids, drive, work, drive, pull weeds - oh yea and then cook, on occasion. I am totally watching for you at the soccer field when I visit mom and dad - I have wondered when I drive by there who I would know if I stopped to watch a game!!
4112 eeswa