Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Obsession and new Best Friend.

Hello my friends!!
I've been wanting to get back into my blogging groove for quite some time, but it just hasn't happened.
I couldn't decide what my first post back should be.  Kind of like your first day back-to-work outfit.  It needed to say: "HEY!" I'm still here! Doing great! I can still do this! Life is Crazy busy! But I'M BACK!!
Since I could quite possible spend another six months to decide on the perfect "I'm back" post, I'm just going to dive right in with this one.  My newest love.
I purchased my first watch over a year ago when my friend Abby hosted a little trunk show.  I really went for the food and booze, but got sucked in by all the pretty things and bought one.  And my kids were in the car. And they really frown upon me driving after drinking.  party poopers.
I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to open my mailbox and see this:

And yes, that IS confetti coming out of the box. Is there anything funner?
I think not.

I've given them as gifts. I had to open the box to make sure the contents were correct. ahem.

I had to make a special place for them in my closet. They have this great basket to themselves. This is my collection a few months ago. Yes, it has grown since then. It grew again today. Sometimes I rainbowtize them- you know... when I'm "cleaning" my closet. Makes me feel all organized.

If you follow happen to follow me on instagram-sarahanguilm. You've seen photos. Lots of photos.

I take pictures when they match my outfits.

Pink and black is where it's at.

When I was hoping for spring

Blue pants, green sweater, yellow and purple polka dots.

Green pants, coral sweater, purple and silver. Yes please.

Sometimes the color coordination amazed even me.

Orchid and rose gold. Yup. I have an outfit to match that.

I wore this when Ryan and I stayed up until 5am "chaperoning" the kids after prom.

Not a single one of them were born when I was playing tetris on my gameboy. Good times.

I take photos of my combinations all the time:

After running. Another "new" thing in my life.

Working at home.

Feeding calves.

Cheering on our team, and my second husband, Tim Duncan.

When the sun was only shining on my wrist. Love these two!

Driving in the rain. Thank goodness my flight was delayed!

When Christine's Beautiful Friend matched my drink perfectly. (That's a Moscow Mule folks, not a sprite.)

When I got pulled over... good thing it was just a warning, because I was totally going to pull out: "My husband is going into surgery and I have to see him before they take him". With tears of course. True story.

Waiting, waiting on chicken nuggets.  Don't judge.

Of course when my watch matched the menu at the local Mexican Restaurant.

After driving in the rain, waiting on the plane. I did have a dress on.

Delivering girl scout cookies...

Driving the carpool.

If you think I only take pictures of my watches, it's not true.  I also take pictures of my shoes. Orthopedic and all. I did have a Modify Watch on, and you can bet it matched perfectly with my chevron skirt.

You might think I have plenty of watches... especially if I only wear one at a time.  But I'll tell you what keeps me buying more. (Besides the fact that they keep coming up with great new faces and fabulous new bands and the sweet hand wrote note with every order and super fast shipping) Is the the company. And by "company" I mean the people that work there. No joke. I'm pretty sure Michelle Mitchell aka Modify Watch EXTRAORDINAIRE is my new best friend.

I received an email from Michelle awhile back asking about some of the non-profit organizations I like to support.  Every month or so, Modify Watches donate a portion of the sales to great not for profits. They wanted to see who their VIP customers (yes, I'm a VIP!) connected with.

After listing a couple of organizations I'm passionate about, I told Michelle that I love fair trade. Fair trade coffee, chocolate, bags, beads, shoes.  Ya'll know. I've mentioned it here before.

Imagine my surprise and complete delight when I got a bulging package in the mail from none other than Ms. Michell herself.

Fair trade bag, coffee, soap, quinoa, cherries in chocolate! with a lovely note.
Turns out Michelle's boyfriend works for fair trade, and she wanted to share a few goodies with someone that appreciated them like herself.


Nice enough for this shark to shed a few tears.

Guess What?

Because I get more compliments on my watches than anything ever, and because I've not ever been more excited for someone else to get a package in the mail (Tracy & Pam) AND because I wanted this to be the funnest-comeback-post-ever,

I have ONE $40. gift certificate to Modify Watches for ONE lucky reader!

Aren't you glad you read all the way to the end? 

To enter:
Check out
Leave a comment telling me what your first choice would be!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Have fun!

and oh, Modify Watches didn't pay me for this post.  If they would have, I would have posted more pictures.  Because I have them.  No joke.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm scared to start buying because i have seen from you and trac that it is ADDICTING!! my favorite at the moment is probably champagne supernova . . . i think. there's so many options that its hard to choose just one!! - karen boone

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Best come back post EVER!!! I think I should win! And here's why:
#1 YOU are responsible for passing on this crazy obsession/addiction
#2 I have modify saved on my favorites in my browser-also your fault ;)
#3 I am BEYOND envious of your collection, and also am trying to be like you in the fact that my faces & bands also have their own little home sweet home basket
#4 a girl can NEVER have too many accessories, watches & shoes being first & foremost. Bracelets to wear with your watch, a close second runner up
#5 I always need to add to my collection! And you want to know what I'm eyeing.....well that would be the purple polka dot face, with a sky blue strap, or hmmmm...maybe red strap (in classic size of course!)
Now how FABULOUS would I look in that lovely combo??!!
The end. Not really....I could give you 5 more reasons...but only 1 really matters.....
#6 I WANT more!!!!!
Xoxox. Love you!!! Tracy

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the rainbow chevron face with the white band :)

- Jenna Reavis

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Sarah! I enjoyed your come-back post. It is nice to know there are still people/companies out there that care about people and their customers. My favorite is the graphene face with the white strap (C3PO) or maybe a black strap. I really like gray/silver and that face looks really fun!!! As Jake would quote from the song..."Her favorite color is chrome!" Have a great day!
Tera Peden

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the zebra face with the black glitter band. In other words I like the Zebra walks into a strip club. Seriously fun name!!
Elizabeth Smith

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, welcome back! Jackson is cute and all, but I was ready to see something besides his embarrassed face at the Christmas program. :)

I've admired your "Modifies" over Instagram, but never visited the site. (Until now) choice would be either Rainbow Chevron Face with Robin's Egg Blue Strap OR the Red Birds Face with a Brown Strap.

This Modify thing could be dangerous.

Thankful said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow cute watches that I can see would be hard to stop buying. So many options but I think I like the black face with the whisper pink.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I wondered what happened to you, I was even starting to get a little worried. You have intrigued me in the past with your modify posts. I even have been thinking I need a new watch. Mine just seems to uncomfortable and seems heavy and hot. I like the Casino Royale the best, but how do you pick just one?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Sarah! I loved all the pictures! I would say I like the green with the together face. They are all super cute.

Kathie Sites

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I was wondering when you were going to come back, and you take way too many pics of your watches. I didn't know this about you. Anyway, I like the geometric yellow watch! It just might spark conversation in my classroom about geometry!!

Carol Collett