Friday, December 7, 2012

Sinterklaas - Take 2

Wednesday morning when we woke, sure enough- Sinterklaas had left candies and chocolate in our shoes!

On Monday, we received three packages from Marieke's parents. With strict instructions: "Open on 5, December!"

Marieke's parents wanted to be part of her Sinterklaas celebration, so we made a "Skype date" after school- or 10 pm Dutch time.

The tradition is to write poems for one another, and Marieke's poem told her that her dear, dear friend was coming to visit! I have not seen a more excited girl! We cannot wait to meet Miss Marieke's friend Janneke she'll be here for a whole week in February.

We had invited two other exchange students, Elena & Shelly and their families to celebrate Sinterklaas with us. As they were telling us all of the tradition, how Sinterklaas comes to town with Zwarte Piet on a boat from Spain, and while Sinterklaas is on the roof with his white horse, Zwarte Piet knocks on the door with gifts for the good boys and girls.

Just at that moment, there was a knock on the door-

Two little Zwarte Piets! With little gifts for all the GOOD boys and girls!

We had a wonderful evening celebrating the European holiday with our beautiful exchange student.

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