Monday, March 5, 2012



It's been a busy few weeks.

In addition to my work load doubling the last two months, we've had church every Wednesday night in February, I started an aquatic aerobic class on Tuesday and Thursday's.

Elizabeth started indoor soccer. She's having a great time playing with her friend Rachel. Unfortunately, her practice is from 8-9pm. Twenty minutes south of home.

William has been doing a great job getting his homework done and staying on top of his work at school, and so Taekwondo continues... he was delighted to get his uniform!

Isabelle is loving girl scouts- so happy we are wrapping up cookie sales. Her little troop has done such a good job selling their hearts out, she earned an evening at Disney on Ice. She doesn't know about it yet- I'm looking forward to the surprise!

If that wasn't enough to keep us busy, Jackson has been doing his part.
He has completely entered the "terrible 3's".

Mod Podge. Almost an entire bottle on the kitchen floor. While I thought he was quietly playing with his animals in the living room.

He makes messes while we are cleaning up the first one.

Friday I went out to help Ryan with a few things, and left the kids in the house. Whenever I leave them, the kids always want to know who is in charge. On my way out the door, I told Jackson he was in charge.  When I came back inside, he was upset because Elizabeth told him he couldn't be in charge anymore.

While she was cleaning up the toothpaste he rubbed on the couch cushion, he poured himself a cup of milk-all over the kitchen floor. It was then, she decided he was no longer capable of being in charge.

Even though Jackson has being doing a great job with the potty training, we are still having a few accidents. Last week, he decided to #2 on the basement floor. And since his sister told him that pigs like to play in poop, he let his pigs play in it. In Isabelle's play house.

After cleaning up the mess in the basement, I set him up in the bathroom to wash the mess off of his hands and the animals. I walked into the laundry room to take care of the rags. And wouldn't you know it, he pulled the stopper on the sink, it overflowed. Into the basement.

As for the doll house? Good thing my shower doubles as a wash bay.

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Pretend pig poop. That is why God didn't give me a son. In addition to the poo and the water, there would have been vomit. Lots of it. Oh...and it sounds like Elizabeth is a saint. That boy owes her big! :)