Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Not Dead...

I'm Moving. No, Ryan and I have NOT come to our senses, sold the cows, and bought a hut on a beach in Barbados.

In January we decided to build a new house. Just like that. We didn't have anything else planned for our summer. Why not?

We've rented a "summer house" around the corner from our farm, I am MADLY organizing 12 years of accumulated "stuff" and four kids into four piles: "keep", "store", "TRASH", and "donate". Not as easy as one may think. And I had some delusional grandiose idea that it was going to be orderly.

We are scheduled to demolish our old farm house the second week of June, and pour the new basement after.

Matt the contractor is promised to start August 1st. Hell or high water, he knows I'll be there with breakfast so he'd better be there with some employees~

With all that said, my phone line was ripped down by some farmer who thinks when it comes to equipment, BIGGER is better. No home phone, no internet. (p.s. the un-named farmer is not Ryan.) My FABULOUS Verizon man did come out on Memorial Day to fix the problem, since we are moving this Saturday, we decided there was no reason to put up a line to be tore down in 4 days... I miss my internet. Do you all use "google" as much as I do?

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Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

You are CRAZY!! But...won't it be awesome to have a house exactly like you want it? You deserve it! Good way to purge through years of accumulated stuff.

And it's amazing how often I rely on the internet to answer questions. And to think it was just a fad!


Jangle said... Best Blogger Tips

I can totally relate with the moving process - we've been moving dad's shop all week. I'm not sure how we cramed all this "stuff" into such a small space. And to think we're moving to a bigger space to accumulate even more! We've been meaning to come out to see you and help you move - but since the farmers are just getting done in the field, i guess we missed out. But we do have in mind to come out soon - if you still have room for 2 more??? Make sure you take lots of pics - i wanna see them!

Kimberly and Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Wait a are feeding the employees breakfast on August
1st? I know how to work a hammer....count me in! I like my eggs scrambled and my toast a delightful golden brown, with lots of butter, no fake crap, butter.